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My name is Cameron-Rose but most people call me Cameo. I'm an aspiring writer and bookaholic based around Cambridge, UK. I have a first-class degree in English Language and Literature and I'm currently completing an apprenticeship in Content Producing at D365 Life Without Code.

Though day-to-day I can usually be found writing Microsoft CRM blogs, my favourite thing to do is create worlds that are completely different from the one we're currently in. I create engaging content for a variety of purposes and always have a story to tell.

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Evolution of Technology

They say that millennials and generations younger seem to understand technology on an innate level. Whilst I’m unsure whether this is true for myself, there’s something spooky about the way my nephew, at six, was able to navigate my mobile phone as well as I could. Sebastian, the Director’s step-son, has been testing Dynamics since he was six! At the age of nine, he was building Views and Charts for our company’s Dynamics environments.


Her eyes are unfocused as she stirs her cup of tea. The hand not holding onto the small, silver teaspoon clutches the pendant at her throat like a lifeline — a tether to the reality she knows. The chain is golden and sturdy, with small fastenings that interlink to form a sweeping arc around her throat with an emerald at the front. Her birthstone. I bought it for her two years ago. My May Day love. A moment passes and another goes by. A minute more and she's still frozen in the simple motion. T

One Papaya Princess

I've always loved the allure of thrift shops. Back in school, however, I had to hide my affections. Instead of spending my weekends shopping in London like my classmates, my mum and I would sit together and trade out my thrifted labels with that of clothes that I'd grown out of the year before. Every girl at school had a Hollister hoodie, so eBay became our staple. We would sit and scour the internet at night just waiting for people to sell their old stuff for cheap.

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