Creative Works

Explore a selection of my short stories, poetry, and other writings below. These creative pieces have been taken from a selection of writing prompts, competitions, and more - spanning years of my life. 

Ariadne of Crete

His feet leave their mark on the soft sand as I wait, frozen still. Every move is a dangerous dance of the unknown, and I can’t seem to bring myself to move a toe in the wake of his arrival. My eyes stare, rapt with attention, as a dull ache begins to blossom behind my brow.

It should be impossible but there he walks through the surf I thought sure he’d forgotten. My lungs feel close to collapse as I try to make sense of the sight of Theseus, returning to my side.

For days I’ve wept and yelled


Her eyes are unfocused as she stirs her cup of tea. The hand not holding onto the small, silver teaspoon clutches the pendant at her throat like a lifeline — a tether to the reality she knows.

The chain is golden and sturdy, with small fastenings that interlink to form a sweeping arc around her throat with an emerald at the front. Her birthstone. I bought it for her two years ago. My May Day love.

A moment passes and another goes by. A minute more and she's still frozen in the simple motion. T